Commercial law

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal consultations in commercial and corporate law, including consultations in contract drafting and finalization and in setting up and managing business companies. For many years we have also focused on mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, where we provide our clients with comprehensive legal consultations concerning the purchase and sale of business corporations and/or their shares, including transaction structuring proposals, the organization and performance of legal audits, the preparation of business corporations for sale, legal services concerning drafting and negotiating transaction documentation as well as legal services concerning the transformation and restructuring of business corporations (mergers, split-ups, enterprise transfers, etc.).

Criminal law

We provide our clients, individuals and legal entities, with comprehensive legal consultations and represent them in potential or current criminal proceedings. For many years we have focused especially on economic crime. However, we also regularly provide legal consultations in other areas of criminal law, where we have gained extensive experience throughout the years. We provide our clients who are suspected or accused of a crime with a comprehensive defense and representation before criminal justice authorities. We also represent clients – injured parties – who are defending their rights and often seeking damages in criminal proceedings.

Litigation and arbitration

Our legal team consists of many senior attorneys who have been deeply invested in civil proceedings for many years and who, together with specialists from various other legal fields, to ensure positive results for our clients in litigation as well as in arbitration. We have an impressive record of successful results that have often exceeded the realistic expectations of our clients. We also represent our clients in litigations according to international arbitration rules.


We provide our clients with comprehensive legal consultations concerning the preparation and application of compliance programs that are relevant to any potential criminal liability of our clients/legal entities. We also carry out for our clients internal investigations of reported incidents and evaluate their impact on our clients’ business. Thanks to the representation of our clients/legal entities in criminal proceedings, our clients can benefit from our concrete practical experience of how criminal justice authorities view and evaluate various conditions for the discharge from criminal liability. 


One of our legal team’s key specializations in sectoral regulation includes the area of telecommunications, where we provide our clients with legal consultations concerning license acquisition, the provision of telecommunication services and the construction of telecommunication networks. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience with proceedings before the Czech Telecommunication Office, including tenders for radio frequency allocations and proceedings concerning their observance and changes.

Public procurement

We provide our clients – public, subsidized and sector contracting authorities – with legal services concerning the comprehensive administration of procurement and concession procedures, the execution of public passenger transport services contracts and other related matters, including representation before the Office for the Protection of Competition and administrative courts.

We provide our clients – economic operators and parties in procurement and concession procedures – with legal consultations concerning the preparation of tenders, participation in procurement procedures, the submission of objections against tender conditions or other actions of the contracting authority as well as potential subsequent proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition.

Competition law

For many years we have provided consultations in competition law, including concentrations of undertakings related to our clients’ acquisitions, the execution of prohibited agreements and the abuse of a dominant market position. We provide our clients with comprehensive legal services that include methodical and preventive assistance, representation before the Office for the Protection of Competition in sanction and approval proceedings and carrying out dawn raids. 

Public support and subsidies

We provide our clients – profit and non-profit organizations – with legal services related to receiving subsidies or other non-monetary aid from public authorities or via EU Operational Programs, starting with the preparation and submission of subsidy applications and ending with final subsidy account reports. We also provide our clients with legal services during public audits conducted by the Supreme Audit Office or other public authorities and in ensuing tax and administrative proceedings.


We provide our clients with legal services in the area of personal data processing and personal data protection, which includes carrying out personal data processing and protection audits, consultations concerning the implementation of GDPR requirements and representation of our clients before the Office for Personal Data Protection.

Real estate and development projects

We provide our clients – institutional and private investors – with comprehensive legal services concerning real estate transactions, due diligence, legal aid in dealing with public and local authorities, the drafting of construction contracts as well as the sale or other termination of investors´ participation in development projects.


For many years we have been working with construction companies, both contractors and clients. We provide our clients with legal consultations on negotiating and carrying out contract terms, problem-solving during construction and, of course, handling disputes in potential adjudication, litigation and arbitration. We have a great deal of practical experience with many contractual templates (including FIDIC). We advise our clients in risk prevention and supervise the entire construction process and compliance with the contract terms.

Insolvency and restructuring

We have a lot of experience with handling and solving distressing situations. We represent our clients – debtors, creditors and insolvency administrators – in insolvency proceedings. We handle the restructuring of our clients’ finances, help our clients in negotiating with their creditors and financial institutions and coordinate for our clients cooperation with tax and financial consultants and crisis management specialists who help to handle our clients´ difficult economic situation under our guidance.

Sports law

We provide individuals, sports clubs and sports federations with legal services in different areas that are closely related to the activity of athletes and sports officials (management), such as doping, marketing rights, subsidies, public procurement, sponsoring, organizing of sports events, etc.